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Treatment of palm trees with drone

Preventive phase, visualization of the upper part of the palm from the air, regardless of the height of the palm tree, without the need for cranes, in real time. Fast, Economical, Effective.

Our drone gutter with many accessories to work easily in all kinds of conditions, with our pole loaded from the ground we can treat palm trees with direct jet to the bud with the amount of flow that we want, since we are not limited to the drone tank. Very effective for treating nematodes.

Ingresa Totally ecological treatment.

Control program to map the treatment area and sweep only the area we want to treat, making the product waste much less and very effective in the places we want.

Ultra Low Volume.

No matter how tall the trees are, our drone reaches 50m. loaded with product.

Equipped with 3 cameras and a height radar, to better distribute the medicine in all places and to have greater security.

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