It is an alternative method of phytosanitary treatment of trees, with low environmental impact.

The system consists of the injection into the trunk of a nutritive or phytosanitary substance that is translocated through the xylem towards the apex of the plant.

The plant absorbs the product through its vascular system.


With this system, both pests and cryptogamic diseases can be treated with a prolonged effectiveness of up to one year.

The uses of endotherapy extend to any type of tree with application times that range from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, and depend on the type of porosity of the angiosperm xylem.

Plant endotherapy

The plant absorbs the product through its vascular system.

* It is totally innocuous for bees, people, animals, etc.

* Savings in quantity of phytosanitary products.

* It can be applied at any time of the day.

* Its mechanism of action is faster.


Advantages of the system.

• Greater efficiency of the active material of the phytosanitary ware.


• Greater persistence.


• Zero environmental pollution in the soil and air.

What do we achieve with arboréa or vegetal endotherapy?



As if a sick human being can be injected with a drug so that it is distributed to the rest of the body through the blood, with endotherapy systems, we could achieve the same homogeneous distribution in a plant.



What pests and / or diseases can be treated with this technique?



There are numerous pests that can be controlled by endotherapy. Among the most important for the damage they cause we can mention:

Pine processionary. As we already have in its day, by themselves they do not usually destroy the pine, but the weakening caused can be such that it favors the appearance of other pests. The latter can lead to the drying of the tree.

Red palm weevil. Due to the format of the tree, its high price and the aggressiveness of the weevil, endotherapy systems are postulated as a good control technique, which if not effective by itself, can be combined with others.

Aphids and mealybugs. Insecticides and acaricides such as abamectin can be injected to control these globose insects with a great capacity to produce pests and damage to the crop.

White fly. It can produce large amounts of honeydew which will attract other insects like ants which will aggravate the infection. Apart from the weakening that they will produce in the tree, it will produce defects in the appearance of the fruit that will drastically reduce the quality, at least visual, of it.


We also have traditional methods, such as backpacks and smoke machines.

The main reason for spraying patios, pots and gardens is that it allows us to plan the control of all those pests such as cockroaches, ants, wasps, mosquitoes, flies, annoying to humans and very harmful to plants, to have a garden in perfect condition It is a fundamental operation for the correct development of plants, orchards and trees.

We also have traditional methods, such as backpacks and smoke machines.